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#NewThinking is good
for the environment
and the economy.

The world is changing and the most advanced economic players are forging cleaner, more innovative economies. This transformation toward a new, low-pollution economy built on clean innovation is picking up speed, and Canada must act fast to secure a prosperous future as the world’s leading economies reinvent themselves.

Thankfully, we’re starting to see examples of Canadian entrepreneurs across numerous sectors succeeding in doing just that. One of the epicentres of this clean growth is found throughout the Vancouver area, as evidenced by the six companies based in the region selected for the high-profile 2019 Global Cleantech 100 list.

It’s for this reason that the Smart Prosperity Leaders’ Initiative chose Vancouver to launch the first of four free public panel discussions, hosted at business schools across the country, to explore Succeeding in the Green Economy: Lessons learned from Canadian clean growth entrepreneurs. Our event host was the UBC Sauder School of Business’s Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing. Corporate Knights supported the event as a media partner, while Student Energy acted as an organizing partner.

A discussion panel, moderated by Smart Prosperity’s Senior Director of Policy and Innovation Mike Moffatt, featured insights from Student Energy Executive Director Meredith Adler, Portable Electric Founder and CEO Mark Rabin, and Vancouver Economic Commission Director Bryan Buggey.

The discussion explored pathways for students and young professionals to gain exposure to what jobs look like in the clean economy. It delved into the critical task of supporting innovators and clean innovation along the growth curve, and what we can learn from successful businesses and entrepreneurs that are already out there in Canada.

After the panel, many attendees headed across the street to Student Energy UBC's Enerbeers event, where those interested in discussing environmental issues and passionate about shaping the future of energy had the opportunity to connect with leaders in the energy sector.


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