Smart Prosperity

#NewThinking is good
for the environment
and the economy.


Our Leaders are pushing for real progress towards a stronger, cleaner economy. Here are some of their activities.


Nov 26 2018

Business and civil society leaders commend the federal government’s efforts to boost competitiveness and clean innovation in the Fall Economic Statement, and urge further action


Oct 26 2018

Canadian business, environment, Indigenous, labour and youth leaders support action on carbon pricing and clean competitiveness


Sep 25 2018

Business and Civil Society Leaders Urge Government to Act on Economic Strategy Tables’ Reports


Dec 7 2017

Canadian CEOs + Leaders say: Let’s stand up for Nature


Nov 17 2017

Business and civil society leaders applaud Canada’s support for coal power phase-out

Twenty-four prominent leaders from business, environment, labour, research, youth and Indigenous organizations support coal power phase-out.


Apr 4 2017

GLOBE Capital 2017

Smart Prosperity Leaders take the stage at GLOBE Capital 2017 – “Infrastructure Investment: Financing the 21st Century


Dec 12 2016

Twenty-seven CEOs and leaders congratulate First Ministers on clean growth & climate plan, now let’s turn commitments into action


Nov 23 2016

Letter to First Ministers from major business and civil society leaders

More than 100 CEOs and civil society leaders have now urged the Prime Minister and Premiers to take bold action on clean growth and climate change


Oct 4 2016

Leaders respond to federal carbon pricing plan

Twenty-two prominent business and civil society leaders get behind Canada-wide carbon pricing plan.