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Keeping carbon from ever reaching the atmosphere.

The Scotford facility near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, consists of an upgrader, oil refinery, chemicals plant... and carbon capture and storage facility.

In September 2016, Shell Canada announced that its flagship carbon-capture-and-storage project - "Quest" - had successfully captured and stored its first 1M tonnes of CO2 ahead of schedule and under budget. The Quest project will continue to capture and store 1M tonnes of C02 from the Scotford facility annually - the equivalent of removing 250,000 cars from the road.

The Quest project is one of only 15 operational large-scale CCS projects in the world. And it’s the first CCS application for Canada's oil sands production.

How do we help companies at home adopt this technology while also exporting it to other oil-producing countries? 

Businesses and researchers across Canada are developing clean innovations that are important parts of Canada’s move to a stronger, cleaner economy. Once a clean innovation is proven, the innovators need help making their product competitive and getting it to market.

Accelerating clean innovation in Canada means helping businesses and researchers develop competitively priced products. Government has a role to play in that. Find out more with our latest work on accelerating clean innovation in Canada.

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