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You can’t cut what you don’t see.

Businesses constantly look for ways to cut costs, including what they spend on energy. But how do you cut down your energy when you don’t see it and can’t measure it? That’s the million-dollar question that CircuitMeter, a Toronto-based start up, is answering with their integrated submeter-software solution that lets building managers see energy consumption data in real time.

The idea isn’t new, but the no-nonsense interface and the cost-competitive technology behind it is. That has drawn some big-time international customers (who we aren't permitted to talk about because of confidentiality agreements!). But they're all using the circuit-level technology to pinpoint their energy waste, reduce their emissions, and cut costs.

Growing a good idea.

Smart inventions don’t leap to the market all by themselves. They need to be nurtured through key stages. For CircuitMeter, some of that nurturing happened at the government-funded MaRS innovation hub, a clean technology incubator that supports start-ups with know-how, development support, and valuable connections with investors and first customers.

“We very much followed the script of what MaRS is supposed to do,” says CircuitMeter CEO Paul Mertes. And what a difference it made.

Creating supportive environments for clean innovation.

Governments across Canada are implementing policies to strengthen the clean innovation system. The MaRS Discovery District is a textbook example of a government-supported incubator, partner and networking hub that does this well.

Accelerating clean innovation in Canada means creating supportive environments for clean innovation entrepreneurs. Find out how through Smart Prosperity's latest work on Accelerating Clean Innovation in Canada.

Also: Watch a CTV news story on an Edmonton highschool using CircuitMeter’s technology.