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Focusing on one of Canada’s leading sectors.

Canada is a world leader in mining. Fully seventy-five percent of the world’s mining companies are headquartered here! But mining also comes with high environmental costs – some of which are linked to burning fuel for vehicles and equipment.

That’s where Mississauga-based BluTip Power Technologies comes in, with a hardware solution that monitors fuel consumption and regulates engine combustion with precision. The result is a reduction in CO2 emissions by between 4 and 8 percent, and particulate emissions by 70 percent. Installing the technology can also save companies millions of dollars every year in fuel costs.

From government contract to global customers.

BluTip’s first big break wasn’t with the mining sector, but with the Canadian government. The company received a contract under the Build in Canada Innovation Program, designed to give innovators a boost by making the federal government their first customer.

Today the company’s customers include mining giants Cerrejón and Newmont, oil sands producers and power generator manufacturers all over the world.

Making more first customers.

Accelerating clean innovation in Canada means helping burgeoning clean innovators secure their all-important first customer. As Canada’s biggest buyer ($2.36 billion spent collectively in 2015), governments have a role to play. Procurement policies and programs like the Build in Canada program are critical for that.

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