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Living lightly on the Earth

Canada will soon be home to one of the planet’s most sustainable communities.

Zibi is a mixed-use neighbourhood that replaces 37 acres of derelict industrial land straddling the river that separates Ontario and Quebec.

Making up the neighbourhood will be: buildings that are carbon-neutral and made out of sustainable materials, streets and pathways that prioritize alternative modes of transportation, water management systems that capture rainwater and use it, tools for residents and businesses to generate zero waste by 2020, and energy from local and renewable sources.

But living with a smaller environmental footprint doesn’t mean sacrifice. The Zibi project shows that 21st century homes, shops, and commercial space can be designed to be modern, convenient, and affordable. The fact that they represent the cutting edge in environmental sustainability is just an added benefit.

How do we encourage more builders to get innovative?

Residential and commercial buildings account for 12% of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. Innovations in energy efficiency have kept those emissions in check since 2005. But now we have the opportunity to bring them way down.

Accelerating clean innovation in Canada means helping builders to design greener buildings and neighbourhoods. Government and the private sector can both have roles to play in that. Find out more with our latest work on accelerating #CleanInnovation in Canada.

Also: Read more about Zibi’s sustainability planning on its website.