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Energy storage for everyone.

Electricity has traditionally been produced on a “use it or lose it” basis. Electricity dispatchers make a certain amount available, and if the customers aren’t there to use it, then the electricity goes to waste. Energy storage technologies, like Montreal-based Sigma Energy’s innovative Hybrid Thermal-Compressed Air technology, can change that, allowing us to keep electricity for when we need it.

What makes Sigma’s technology different from others? It’s built for the harshest climates (think Canada’s North). Oh and it’s portable and scale-able. Meaning it can be integrated into small off-grid systems just as easily as into urban distribution systems. Now every community can have access to energy storage.

All about a supportive ecosystem.

Sigma’s technology and growing market opportunities are getting a boost from government. That includes $2.4M from Sustainable Development Technology Canada which funds and coaches cleantech companies in the early stages. It also includes being a member of Écotech Québec, a publicy-supported cluster that supports clean innovators throughout the province. Sigma also has an important research relationship with the Université de Sherbrooke. A true ecosystem of public partners.

The upshot? Sigma wina award after award, including the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest in 2014 and the National ENERGY GLOBE Award Canada in 2016, as it winds its way towards market.

Next steps?

Accelerating clean innovation in Canada means building a strong ecosystem of public and private partners to help clean technology entrepreneurs like Sigma grow. The government has a role to play.

How do we make that happen? Check out our latest thinking on accelerating #cleaninnovation in Canada.

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