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No opportunity wasted.

Some people look at carbon emissions and see a problem. For Halifax-based CarbonCure, carbon emissions are an untapped opportunity. They ask: what if we could capture some of those emissions and inject them into concrete to make it stronger?

That is precisely what CarbonCure has set out to do, developing a carbon dioxide “utilization” technology that recycles captured CO2 emissions from industrial emitters and puts them to work for concrete producers.

In one day, CarbonCure can retrofit any ready-mixed concrete plant with its technology, instantly reducing carbon emissions and helping companies create a more durable building material.  

Adding Canadian ingredients to international projects.

Almost 100 plants across North America are now being retrofitted with CarbonCure’s technology. And that’s just the beginning. If adopted globally, CarbonCure’s technologies could reduce emissions by 700 megatonnes annually while creating $26 billion in efficiency improvements for concrete producers.

Most recently, CarbonCure teamed up with Outback Materials to provide environmentally-friendly concrete for the construction of a 29-mile segment of California's famous High-Speed Rail project - a $64B rail link connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles. In Atlanta, concrete made with CarbonCure’s technology is being supplied to the mixed-use commercial 725 Ponce de Leon project. Where will we find CarbonCure's technology next?

The world needs more Canadian clean innovation.

Canadian firms like CarbonCure can sometimes find international customers on their own. But the world is a big place and, more often than not, firms could use a little help.

Government has a role to play in growing Canada’s clean innovation export opportunities. Find out how with our new work on accelerating #cleaninnovation in Canada.

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