#NewThinking is good for the environment and the economy.

#NewThinking is good for the environment and the economy.

#NewThinking is good for the environment and the economy.

#NewThinking is good for the environment and the economy.

That's so smart!

Clean innovation is happening across all sectors of Canada's economy. We need to ramp it up...

Neighbourhoods that blend in with nature

Meet a Canadian neighbourhood that will capture its own water, produce its own energy, and leave no waste behind.

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Turning manure into renewable fuel

Meet a dairy farm that found a way to capture methane from cow manure and sell it as renewable energy.

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Fabricating metals the carbon neutral way

Meet a small metal fabrication plant that saved its business by virtually eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions.

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Changing the way we make cement

Meet a Canadian cement manufacturer that is cutting out the fossil fuels from the cement-making process and replacing them with waste diverted from landfills.

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5 big ideas to achieve smart prosperity

Accelerate Clean Innovation

Empower eco-preneurship across Canada’s economy through policies, procurement and practices that drive cleaner investment, research and development.

Boost Energy & Resource Efficiency

Do more with less. Create a high-performance, low-impact economy through strong standards and systems that promote high-efficiency vehicles, equipment and buildings, greater recycling, and less waste.

Price Pollution & Waste

Create market rewards for greener choices by charging the real cost for harm to air, water, land, and climate, using the revenues to cut taxes and support clean solutions.

Invest in Advanced Infrastructure & Skills

Build the foundation for Canada’s future prosperity through investment in leading-edge energy, transportation, water systems, and next-generation training and jobs.

Conserve & Value Nature

Protect and steward Canada’s natural spaces and species that sustain our economy, health, and quality of life.

What it all means for Canada


A stronger cleaner economy that builds a better future for all Canadians.


Canada boosts its competitiveness, innovation, and environmental performance on pace with leading nations over the next decade, and will become a global leader within a generation.


Better, affordable choices to live sustainably. Success means improving Canadians’ quality of life while being world leaders in conserving nature and reducing our environmental footprint.


Smart policies catalyze economic and environmental performance. Success means world-class policies that unleash private initiative and capital to boost eco-efficiency and innovation.


Innovative, clean, and generating jobs of the future. Success means each sector’s environmental performance is among the global best-in-class while growing competitiveness and good jobs.


Healthy, vibrant, and green. Success means making the most global progress building livable, sustainable, modern communities.

Who we are

The future will be about how do you develop resources and grow the economy in a world where we need to have a smaller environmental footprint. I think Canadians are ready to take on this challenge and become leaders in this space.

— Lorraine Mitchelmore
Smart Prosperity co-chair; Former President and Canada Country Chair, Shell Canada

We have two critical innovation opportunities in Canada right now. One is to enable our traditional industries to reinvent themselves in order to compete in a low-carbon economy. The second is to build capacity for the emerging clean tech entrepreneurs, who are going to be the economic engines of this country

— Annette Verschuren
Smart Prosperity co-chair; CEO, NRStor; former CEO, Home Depot Canada

We know how to build an economy that generates wealth and jobs with less environmental harm. In fact we’ve already begun. Now we need to pick up the pace, to lay the foundation for Canada’s future prosperity

— Stewart Elgie
Smart Prosperity co-chair; Professor of law and economics, University of Ottawa

Arlene Dickinson
CEO, Venture Communications

In a decade we could see Canada among the world leaders in an innovative economy that puts people first and builds inclusive communities that respect nature and live in harmony with nature.

— David Miller
President and CEO WWF-Canada; Former Mayor, City of Toronto

Ed Whittingham
Executive Director, Pembina Institute

John Lounds
President & CEO, Nature Conservancy of Canada

I am confident that by embracing Canada's ingenuity and vast potential we can achieve a smart, sustainable economy that will allow for prosperity for current and future generations.

— Kali Taylor
Founding Excecutive Director, Student Energy

We’ve got the capacity, we’ve got the resources, and we’ve got the will of Canadians to create something far more compelling in terms of being a global player when it comes to a healthier planet, a healthier economy, and ultimately a higher quality of life for all.

— Kathy Bardswick
CEO, The Cooperators

Ken Neumann
Canadian National Director, United Steelworkers

I believe in a different growth, a growth that allows the decarbonisation of the economy, a more equitable growth, focused on meeting the current and future needs of people and communities.

— Monique Leroux
President and CEO, Desjardins Group

We will need three key elements to build a low-carbon economy: a shared vision, creative policy frameworks and tremendous collaboration across all sectors of society. I’m confident that these elements, combined with Canadian ingenuity, will make Canada both an economic and environmental leader.

— Michael Crothers
President and Canada Country Chair, Shell Canada

I believe we have a duty to future Canadians to have an economy that is 100% in sync with the environment, not an economy that is successful at the expense of the environment.

— Greg Kiessling
Executive Chairman, Bullfrog Power; President, UpCapital Ltd.

Phil Fontaine
Special Advisor, Royal Bank of Canada, Former National Chief, Assembly of First Nations

Merrell-Ann Phare
Founding Executive Director, Centre for Indigenous Resources

Canada needs to chart a new course, one that is sustainable in the truest sense - based on permanence. This means, for example, renewable energy, smart homes, clean transportation and less consumptive lifestyles. All Canadians will be more prosperous if this can be achieved.

— Ross Beaty
Executive Chairman, Alterra Power Corp; Chairman, Pan American Silver Corp

Rick Smith
Executive Director, Broadbent Institute

I believe that Canada has a tremendous opportunity to evolve into a different, more competitive country. It’s not about taking away part of what we do, it’s about integrating and optimizing value, and moving Canada up the value chain.

— Vicky Sharpe
Founding President and CEO, Sustainable Development Technology Canada

Smart prosperity is about better growth. It's about finding the most efficient ways to produce and share what the world needs. Our economy must revolve around brainpower, technology, trade and the world's greatest trove of natural resources. None can thrive without the others, and Canada will suffer without each.

— John Stackhouse
Senior Vice-President, Office of the CEO, RBC; Former Editor-in-Chief, Globe and Mail

To excel in an evolving global economy, we need to make generational investments in our country that will future-proof our cities and improve the way Canadians live, work, socialise and serve their communities in our dynamic digital world. These investments will create tomorrow’s jobs, foster economic growth and social prosperity, and drive us toward greener, more sustainable communities for generations to come.

— Darren Entwistle
President and CEO, Telus

The global economy is changing. Companies will need to be able to do many things better in order to be successful – and a core element will be using energy and resources efficiently, polluting less, and being eco-innovative. This shifting global marketplace offers real opportunity for all parts of Canada’s economy, from clean tech to natural resources particularly, if we put in place the right policies and incentives to drive cleaner growth.

— Dominic Barton
Global Managing Director, McKinsey and company

Climate change is the single greatest challenge facing society today. The solution requires thoughtful, stable, harmonized public policy, which enables the private sector and citizens to mobilize. Ultimately, our aim should be the dual benefit of improved economic and environmental health.

— Galen Weston
President, Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited

Through its Cap and Trade and its CleanTech ecosystem Quebec has captured the essence of a green economy: working together to carve a sustainable future.Time has come to bring together the creative minds of Canadians through innovation,capital and clean technology in a single unifying vision of a green economy where less…is better!

— Jean Simard
President & CEO, Aluminium Association of Canada and co-founder and Director, SWITCH

There is an exciting convergence of global, federal and provincial initiatives targeting climate change, and a unique window of opportunity is emerging. Smart Prosperity aims to leverage this window to accelerate clean tech innovation across the Canadian economy, and BioAmber is a committed partner.

— Jean-François Huc
President & CEO, BioAmber

Jim Lopez
President & CEO, Tembec

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